Global University is a fully accredited non profit Christian University, in the Pentecostal tradition

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In 1967 the International Correspondence Institute (ICI) was formed under the Department of Foreign Missionary in the United States of America. The aim was to provide apprenticeship training, evangelism, work as well as undergraduate students around the world. ICI was transformed into a University formerly known as ICI University. In 2000 another institution called Berean University merged with ICI to become Global University.

The Global University officially started in Tanzania in 1972 when was still known as ICI. It was led by Missionary Robert Cobb in association with Pastor David Mwakajinga of the Tanzania Assemblies of God Buguruni Church. The ICI started in the missionary residence in the Mikocheni area of ​​Dar es Salaam where missionary Cobb lived. Initially, the ICI program focused on evangelical studies called "Big Life Questions". Later on, the ICI office moved from the home of missionary Cobb to the building that was built aside the Church of TAG Kinondoni. After the success of the program, Missionary Cobb began overseeing undergraduate studies through learning from home

Missionary Cobb went back to US home for a long vacation. During the holidays ICI studies continued under the supervision of missionaries Bracy Greer, Kenneth Alba, and Timothy. Following the supervision of Missionary Timothy, Missionary Cobb returned and continued his ICI training service.





After Missionary Cobb, Missionary Kenneth Moeckel was appointed to oversee ICI in Tanzania. During the leadership of Missionary Moeckel, the ICI office moved to Dodoma because he was also the Dean of the Bible College of Assemblies of God Dodoma. Missionary Moeckel led ICI Tanzania between 1982 and 1983. Missionaries Bracy Greer, Mark Flattery and Kenneth Alba led ICI at different times between 1984 and 1986. In 1987 ICI Tanzania was led by Missionary Larry Stevens who was also Head of the College. The last missionary to lead the ICI was Dave Thompson. He was appointed to lead ICI for a short time as Acting Principal of the AGBC Dodoma College.

In 1998, the missionaries handed over the ICI to the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church. Pastor Gregory Mallonga was appointed by the Executive Council of Tanzania Assemblies of God to become the first Tanzanian Director of ICI in August, 1998. During Pastor Mallonga's leadership the ICI office returned to Dar es Salaam. Pastor Mallonga led ICI until 2003. It was during this time that Pastor Mallonga's leadership at ICI changed to Global University. In 2004 Rev. Jackson Nyanda was appointed Director of Global University. Since Dr. Nyanda was a teacher and Acting Principal of Dodoma College, the office relocated to Dodoma. Dr. Nyanda led Global University until 2008.

In 2009, Rev. Ezekiel Mwakajwanga was appointed Director of Global University and the office returned to Dar es Salaam at the Tanzania Assemblies of God Headquarters building. Rev. Mwakajwanga led until 2012. In 2013 Pastor Dr. Geofrey Peter Majule was appointed Director. He presided over a period of one year. At the beginning of 2014 Pastor Majule was returned to Dodoma to continue the university teaching ministry and the Global University Services were administered by the Department of Headquarters Education under the Secretary of the Department Tadei Mbuta assisted by Mrs Emiliana Kalinga. In 2015 Pastor Joyce Musembe was appointed as Director of Global University to date.

Global University

Global University is a fully accredited non profit Christian University, in the Pentecostal tradition. As a worldwide distance learning pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United Republic of Tanzania.

Its three main languages of instruction are English, Spanish and French for undergraduate programs. Four schools comprise Global University; School for Evangelism and Discipleship, Berean School of the Bible, Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology and Graduate School of Theology. The vision of Global University is to impact eternity by reaching the lost and training the found, everywhere.

Vision for Training

The TAG Church exists to worship, fellowship, preach the gospel, disciple, and serve all people in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our vision is to be disciples filled by the Holy Spirit and manifesting by the power of God.

Vision Statement

The new vision statement is “Developing servant leaders who are committed to God and His Word, spiritually transformed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to strategically reach and impact the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Core Values Statement

Our nine church and training core values are faithfulness to the Word of God, integrity, community responsibility, teamwork, leadership empowerment, church ministries, excellence, stewardship, financial control discipline, harvesting, and grow strategically.

Mission Statement: Reach the lost, train the found

Impacting the eternity by winning the lost, training the found everywhere